Family Size Essay

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Essay 1 Family Size: Should the U.S. Government Limit the Number of Children People Have? Should the U.S. Government limit the number of children people have? As the world economy weakens, resources continue to become limited and the support between countries increases. Different countries have been introducing new policies to attempt to control the rate at which the human population is growing. Most of these policies are focused on controlling the number of children a single family had. While countries like China have been doing this for many years, there are people who do not see it as a good idea. As a result many people have begun to fight against those policies. Reducing the number of children per family is positive when it makes government planning easy and allows planners to be as accurate as possible in predicting future needs. If that happened in the US, the policies would not work to the advantage of the State for a number of reasons: the USA is not suffering from overpopulation, strategies to control the population have failed in a number of countries which have tried to impose it, and using birth control or abortion is unethical. This essay will discuss issue of population control and explain why the U.S. government should not limit the number of children a family should have. The total fertility rate (defined as the total number of children a woman is likely to have during her lifetime) in the USA in the last decade has been decreasing (Newman, B. & Newman, P., 2008). As many women concentrate on their educational goals and careers rather than on marriage and children, the growth rate of the American population has slowed significantly. The country has been allowing immigration of skilled workers through the green card lottery to move from their countries to the US to come and offer their experience in the USA. This program is very
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