family secrets Essay

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Family secrets may have a profound effect on the development of an individual’s life. This means that family secrets can effect how a person reacts to a situation in life later on. Or on there outlook on life as they grow up. I agree with this statement because in Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat and The Color of Water by James McBride there where many family secrets. In Breath, Eyes, Memory family secrets effected the development of Sophie’s life in many ways. Example of these secrets and there effects was the secret Sophie’s mother Martine use to be checked for her virginity by her mother when she was your, buts toped when she was raped leaving her pregnant with Sophie. After Sophie started to hang out with a boy named Joseph her mom begins to check Sophie for her virginity. Causing Sophie to feel depressed and isolated. In the end she ends up failing the test and getting kicked out of her moms house. Another secret is that Sophie kept her relationship with Joseph a secret from her mother because she lost her real virginity to him and she didn’t want her to know. In The Color of Water family secrets effect the development of Rachel’s life is that there mother hides her childhood away from her children. The children know basically nothing of their background other than they have a white mother and they’re black. The mother was sexually abused by her father and she’s Jewish. So basically the secret is that she hides her childhood away from her children leaving then confused about there mothers childhood. There for as you can see family secrets may have a profound effect on the development of an individual’s life. On how they grow up to be and act as time goes by. Or even being confused and not knowing about there
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