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Family Reunions My thesis statement is It's very important to gather with your family as often as possible. Family reunions could be seen as both good and bad. Some families that are close love the idea, while families that are not close cringe when they hear this. As a child, I saw this whole process as a major hick up in my summer. In fact, there three summers I was very adamant about not going. Childish antics aside I ended up going having a good time and not wanting to leave. My family gathers every two years for our family reunion. It’s not feasible to do this every year, because of our families conflicting schedules we gather every two years. This is also important because my family is spread out on opposite sides of the country. The Majority of my family resides in Texas and the rest in North Carolina and Kentucky. Major commutes aside we manage to make it work when its time to gather. The location that we gather is in Newport North Carolina. This is the birthplace of my dear grandmother. She is the second oldest of 9 and is actually one of two who don't reside in their home state. This has been a special event in our family since 1997 when she decided that the family didn’t do anything special together. The memories that we made here are priceless. It may sound "cliché" but every year holds new memories more distinct from the next. In 1999 North Carolina's east coast was hit with a devastating storm. Newport is about twenty minutes front the ocean so we were hit pretty hard. In Fact one of our childhood hangouts called "Emerald Isle Water Park" was damaged beyond repair and had to be shut down. Luckily no major damage was done to our property. This enabled the reunion to go on without a hitch. In 2000 two of my cousins got married and introduced us to the newest members of our family. The interesting part is that they are brothers who are just a

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