Family Relationships Essay

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Women's and Children's Health Network Family relationships - brothers and sisters Kids' Health Topic If you have brothers and sisters (your siblings) you will have someone who belongs to you, who has shared memories with you, and who can help and support you. However, sometimes it may not seem that way at all! You may seem to be always fighting and arguing. You may get really fed up with living so closely together. What can you do about it?  Sometimes you might think mum or dad loves your brother or sister more than they love you. If you feel like that, tell mum or dad how you feel.  Sometimes you might think your brother or sister is better at everything than you. There are good and special things about everyone!  Sometimes there is a problem about getting along together - sharing a home and parents and a room etc. Brothers and sisters can learn a lot about getting on with other people from learning to live together at home! There are three main skills that you need to learn in order to have a fairly peaceful time together. These are Communication, Respect and Negotiation. Communication This means that you talk to each other. It also means that you listen to each other. Here are some ways to have good communication in your family (you might have to ask mum and dad to help you get some of these started):  Make a rule that if one person is talking, the others are listening.  Make sure everyone has a turn to talk.  Use family meetings to talk about things that affect everyone.  Make a rule that nobody shouts.  Make sure that school notices, sports notices, homework and invitations are all put onto a family calendar so that everyone knows what is happening and when.  Write notes to each other, like a message board, and always put them in the same place so that everyone always looks there when they come home.  Always ask if you

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