Family Relations Within A Yellow Raft In Blue Water

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Family Relations Within A Yellow Raft in Blue Water A Yellow Raft in Blue Water is portrayed through three women and it examines how people who are family members can get the wrong idea about and misinterpret what each other say and do. The stories presented by Rayona, Christine, and Ida are all pieces to a larger story that represents their family and heritage. The only way for the story to be completely understood is if all three perspectives are looked at together. The three stories are represented by the metaphor of the braid. The three strands of hair are pulled together to create a whole. The story opens with a narration from Rayona. She is visiting her frequently hospitalized mother Christina in the hospital yet again due to her alcoholism. Eventually the two women make their way to Seattle where they meet Christina’s mother, Ida, who is the third and final voice portrayed in the novel. The entire story focuses around the lives of these three Native American women; the three women’s lives are intertwined and portrayed from separate points of view. Rayona, the daughter of Christine is a reserved intelligent girl while her mother is more boisterous and rebellious. Rayona struggles throughout the novel with her mixed-race heritage, which creates many problems for her. Her mother is very self-conscious woman who looks for romance in the wrong places. The use of multiple narrators to tell their stories from multiple viewpoints shows just how much family members who should be close to each other can misunderstand one another. Each of the characters has a sometimes strained yet an always strong relationship with the others. Not all characters have access to all of the facts, and all characters share their own biases formed from their own experiences and opinions. For example, at the beginning of the novel Rayona is at the hospital visiting Christine, who seems
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