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Facility Planning-Part I The facility I have chosen is a family clinic. The type of population that the clinic would be serving is all varieties of ages because it would be a family clinic. I would start by developing a Master plan to proposing changes to an existing health facility also ensures that short-term activities do not limit future potential (George, 2009). A Master plan containing the mechanism outlined below can be developed in a relatively short time, using limited data and resources. Facilities that are part of a larger program of service centers may find that such a plan provides valuable support to requests for funding for renovation or construction activities (George, 2009). BASIC DATA When trying to find a facility the first thing to look for is the population of the area for the past five to ten years and the location. The next thing I would for is other health care facilities and to see how far the distance would be from my facility. Because having healthcare facilities right next to each other would be not be too good for business (George, 2009). The next thing is making sure the current consumption such as what time of the day do most clients are served thru out the week. Also to figure how much full time/part time administrative staffing will need to be there to accommodate the patients, and lastly the mission of the facility (George, 2009). EXISTING CONDITIONS There are other existing conditions that are considered when renovating a facility such as drainage areas, lightning, ventilation, furniture and equipment. Also know the dates of the construction and dates of renovation, and also make charts on how the flow of patients and staff inside the facility, from reception to various departments (Toole, 2010). Other concerns are to make sure connected departments are put jointly such as well child care and vaccination are put together.

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