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Family Observation Terry – Husband/Father – 33 years old Beth - Mother/wife - 31 years old Blake – Son – 7 years old Brayden – Son – 3 years old The family I observed is a nuclear family. They are in the child bearing stage. The family consists of Terry and Beth, husband and wife/father and mother, and Blake and Brayden, the children. They also plan on adding another child in the near future. Terry’s role in the family is to provide physical maintenance and stability to their life. He is the one who pays the bills and keeps all of their finances in order. He works in Dodgeville at Land’s End from 1 pm to 11 pm, Monday through Friday. He drops Brayden off at daycare every day on his way to work so he also has a big part in child care. When he’s home on the weekends, he does all of the lawn care and yard work or snow removal as needed. Beth’s role is also to provide physical maintenance and stability. She is a teacher at Blake’s school so during the week, she is the sole provider for Blake. She picks Brayden up from daycare every day on her way home. She has the boys by herself every night because Terry is away at work. All of the household responsibilities are hers alone at night. She has to make dinner, give the kids baths, help Blake with homework, and put the kids to bed. Blake’s role is to be a protective big brother to Brayden. He loves teaching his little brother new things. I think, like his mother, he was born with the heart of a teacher. He loves reading with his mom but also loves yard work with dad so he seems to be very well rounded. Brayden’s role is to do whatever dad does. He is an all-around Daddy’s boy. He loves mommy, but nobody seems to hold a candle to daddy. He spends any time he can with daddy, but during the week, while daddy’s working, he enjoys playing with his

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