Family Medical Leave Act Case Study

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Task 2 Family and Medical Leave Act Analysis of situation A The Family and Medical Leave Act allows certain employees to take job covered time off for family, and medical emergencies (United States Department of Labor [USDL], n.d). The Family and Medical Leave act is set up for employees to take care of issues at home so they can be proficient at work (USDL, n.d). The act is available to those who work in the government, in a school system, or a company that exceeds 50 employees (USDL, n.d). If an employee is sick or well the act guarantees that health care plans be maintained as if the employee is still working (USDL, n.d). To determine if a violation has occurred it is best to go over the circumstances surrounding the case. The Case in question is about a man who requested leave because his wife was having twins ahead of schedule. The act does state that within a year of a child’s birth an employee can take off time to take care of a child (USDL, n.d). So because the time falls within a one year period employee “A” is justified in his use of the Family and Medical leave act. To further support this would be the length of time he has been with the company. The Family and Medical Leave Act requires an…show more content…
There is no wiggle room or special requirements that may limit an age appropriate applicant from qualifying. The Protection starts at 40 and continues from there. Since employee “B” is 68 years old, he is more than suited to fall under the Age Discrimination Act’s protection. An even bigger issue is the fact that employee “B” was a better worker than his young co-worker. A clear violation has taken place and must be corrected. Luckily there is a way to avoid a suit with the use of the Age Discrimination Act. According to the act an employer can ask an employee to give up his rights in exchange for some manner of benefit (EEOC, 2008). Whether an employee agrees to the terms is another

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