Family Involvement Essay

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Family involvement is important when it comes to literacy programs within school. In the article Friday Letters:Connecting Students, Teachers, and Families Through Writing, four teachers collaborated together to come up with the idea of Friday letters. These letters were a literacy activity that challenged the students individually and helped them to communicate with parents. The teachers modeled what needed to be done and engaged the students. The Friday Letters benefitted the students, teachers and parents and allowed for assessment of writing skills all in a way that made it meaningful to the students For the Friday Letters students were asked to write about what happened at school during the week. They were to include information on core subjects, special events and their behavior. The letters were sent home every Friday and were required to have a parent’s signature and returned on Monday. I found this an excellent way to have the lines of communication open between students and their parents and parents and teachers. This is a great way for parents to be involved in literacy programs. “We received an outpouring of encouraging comments about the letters. Some parents decided to revise and edit with their child before signing the letter, whereas others provided a note back to their child”(pg 278). Parents were taking an active role in the education process and the children were excited to communicate with them. According to Lesley Mandel Morrow, “every teacher has the responsibility to inform families on a regular basis about what is happening in school and how they can help their child. Teachers need to involve family members in activities at home and in school and make them feel like partners” (pg 435). That is exactly what these 5th grade teaches did. The Friday Letters served multiple purposes. The parents were informed as to what was going on in their

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