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Love, Status, Family, and Wealth Warm Summer days come and end, but love never leaves, or at least that's how it ought to be. A young girl more lovely than any other, and a young man more intelligent than any other. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan were the two most sought after people of The Great Gatsby. She was everything a man wanted. Various men pursued her, fought for her, and loved after her. Not a single soul could hate her, and if they did, it was out of pure envy. As far as importance goes, no other character could have come close to Daisy in The Great Gatsby. The greatest climax of the whole novel is when Daisy Buchanan meets up with the tragic hero Jay Gatsby. Without this climax there would have been no importance to the well-known…show more content…
“The inexhaustible charm that rose and fell”(120) in Daisy's voice captured everyone she met, and held them close to her heart. She had thought she loved Gatsby with all her heart, but she knew things had to change. After the murder of Myrtle, she had to choose between the man she loved, and the man she would come to love. She had to forget about true love and think about her child's need for her father. Tom said he loved Daisy, but “his sturdy physical egotism no longer nourished his peremptory heart.”(20). Fear would be the only thing left to guide the lost love the Buchanan's once held. Love, Status, Family, and Wealth were all important to Daisy. However, she knew that Gatsby's feeling would always be in “a constant, turbulent riot”(99) just like hers had always been. The night after Myrtle's death, Daisy knew that she would have to give up love to find what she thought was most important. Daisy Buchanan choose money, status, and family instead of the love she sought after for so many years. She thought that it was in her family's best interest to move forward, and never look back. In The Great Gatsby, no other character could have compared to the way Daisy changed the atmosphere of the novel. Everyone fights for something in their life, and Daisy just so happened to fight for the wrong thing. Despite everything she thought she knew, Daisy was caught up in what could have been instead of reality. She drew attention to every aspect of the novel and brought to life the true emotions that were felt. Throughout our lives we all encounter a conflict. It's how we deal with that conflict that change our futures

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