Family History Essay

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Terri Baldwin June 20, 2012 Composition 1 Courtney Gaylord The Parents My parents were both caring and loving individuals in their own way. Even though they were similar, they were different. One was the hard disciplinarian and the other was the gentle hand. Take my dad for instance. He was a strong man at 6'5" tall, 245lbs, and a police officer on top of that. My dad was really a big teddy bear at heart. I was his baby and the only girl out of the siblings. He was a great role model for us kids. He wasn't afraid to discipline us if we got out of hand. He could line you up and tell who was lying and who was not. He was dedicated to helping others in the community. My father taught us many things in life including our work ethic, politeness, respect, honesty, and self control. He was the one who always taught us that there is a real fine line between fear and respect. He said, "You either earn respect on your own or I will fear it into you!" Even though him and my mother disagreed at times they loved us. He was the hard disciplinarian in the family. Sometimes he was a little hard with us, but was usually fair. This was the main difference between my mother and my father. They had plenty of arguments on how he was going to discipline us because of this. He was the stubborn disciplinarian and my mother the gentle hand had always disagreed about what was fair or fair enough. Us kids didn't like the fact that they would argue, but it did get the heat off us for awhile. After they argued and finally agreed on how to proceed things got better. My father would give us a look as if we were lucky and mom would give us a hug. Good old dad the tyrant bear. My mother on the other hand is a little different story. She is a great role model as well, and is a very independent and self motivated woman. She is 5'7" tall and maybe a 100lbs soaking wet. My

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