Family Health Assessment Paper: Gordon's 11 Functional Health Patterns

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Family Health Assessment Paper: Gordon's 11 Functional Health Patterns Family Health Assessment: Gordon's Functional Health Patterns Marjorie Gordon proposed functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing data base (Koshar, 2013). Gordon created the data collection tool that would enable a nurse to assess the family and determine aspects of health and function is a systematic and standardized approach. As a nurse this tool is essential to adequately organize and evaluate a care plan for patients and their family. The Family Interview Results The family chosen for this assignment consists of a couple that has been married for 13 years and their two school age daughters. The adults are both in their mid-thirties, the family lives in their own home in the Tampa bay suburbs, the couple works outside of the home to provide for their family. Both children attend elementary school and participate in an afterschool program until their parents pick them up on their way home. The mother, a customer service representative for Macy’s, was presented with the following questionnaire; she answered the questions out loud as the nurse wrote down the information. o Pattern of Health Perception and Health Management: How has the general health of your family been? Our family has been healthy, the girls received their flu shot a couple of weeks ago and other than seasonal allergies we have little to complain about. What are some things you do to stay healthy? The main goal for our family is to try and eat healthy, it’s tempting to buy take out a few times a week; but we usually settle for a rotisserie chicken and salad or make your own sandwiches night. o Nutritional – Metabolic Pattern: Describe a typical day of food intake for yourself. The couple usually takes a home prepared lunch for work, they individually eat breakfast

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