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Based out of the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, Family Guy is an American animated TV series about an unpredictable and extremely dysfunctional family. Full of inappropriate role modeling, rude humor, and sexual innuendos, this show is popular to many young adults today. You could compare this show to other crude satirical comedy shows such as South Park or the Simpsons. Each of the characters in this show has their own unusual connection to each other. Family Guy’s cast portrays a plethora of diverse minorities who each come together in a strange non-reasonable way. The central character, Peter Griffin, portrays a peculiar father figure that contrasts society’s norms. He manages to get through life without much common sense, awareness, or intellect. Peter’s wife, Lois, on the other hand was born and raised into a wealthy family and is a stay at home mom who also teaches piano. The way she was brought up plays a significant role in her character. As a form of mass media this show emphasizes the role of unconventional families. During the commercials, they advertise: toilet paper, football, and a variety of fast food restaurants. I see Family Guy as an unhealthy form of communication on life and how marriage is portrayed. The show is quite comical, but at the same time it can support a both liberal and politically narrative view point. Looking past the comedy, Family Guy mocks events involving sexuality, race, physical impairments, religion, and tragedies. To those without knowledge of current events, Family Guy portrays bad subliminal messages that in reality are quite important to our economy today. I can see how this show may be entertaining to some, but to others it may come off as inappropriate and

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