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The sitcom “Family Guy” is a hilariously exaggerated spin-off of the typical American family. The show depicts the day to day struggles of the household, and the relationships, or sometimes lack of a relationship, between the characters. Each character has his or her own flaws, and every character is vastly different from the other. While this may cause tension between the members of the family, they still seem to keep a general secure and steady bond that holds the family together. Peter Griffin, the father of the family, favors his son Chris over his daughter Meg, and is never really seen giving his infant child Stewie much attention at all. In one episode, Meg states how she would like to be a veterinarian and Peter quickly steps in to tell her that she cannot. In another instance, Peter attempts to convert Chris from Catholicism to Judaism in order to better prepare him for a successful life, at the same time he denied Meg the opportunity be she “was to far gone”. These occurrences happen quite frequently, showing that Peter dislikes his daughter. Another character in the show is the mother, Louis Griffin. Louis tends to be left with all of the household chores. Because the chores tie up her time, she like Peter, she tends to neglect Stewie, only seeming to give him attention when he absolutely needs it. Once, while leaving for a family vacation, Louis left Stewie sleeping at home alone, and doesn’t realize it until they had reached their destination. In other episodes Louis and the other family members can all be accounted for except for Stewie; however, no clues are given as to Stewie’s whereabouts. Stewie is the baby of the family, but his age is never revealed so it isn’t quite clear how old he actually is. Stewie is an angry and destructive child, probably due to his neglect. In a recent episode, Stewie bludgeons Brian over a fifty dollar bet that

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