Family Dynamics Essay

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Family Dynamics and Child Development Author Institution Family dynamics refers to a particular way of living within a family, their relation to one another and how their interactions lead to development of a given behavior later on in life. Child development occurs right from the onset of birth, therefore the is need for viewing children as small adults and paying attention to the development of cognitive abilities, physical growth and use of language occurring during childhood and adolescence stage. The importance of understanding child development is crucial since it allows a person to appreciate the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and educational growth that a child goes through in order to be a mature being (Khasgiwala, 1993). Some important theories of child development are referred to as grand theories: these describe all aspects of development by use of stage approach. Others are called mini theories; these on the other hand deals on a limited aspect of development for instance social and cognitive growth. A major theorist such Sigmund Freud outlined the various stages of development in children where growth transformations occur. He called it the psychosexual stages of development, which largely emphasized on the significance of childhood experiences and events. Freud’s stages included oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital stages. All the stages involve the fulfillment of libidinal desires that play significant roles in adulthood. In instances where a child fails to successfully complete the stages or a given stage, they are likely to develop a fascination that later on influences adult personality and behavior. Another theory on childhood development is the Cognitive theory put forward by Jean Piaget, which suggests that children reflect things differently than
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