Family Development Essay

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Family Development_ Theory_ Family development found in Smith, Harmon, Ingoldsby, and Miller (2009) is “the changes within the family over time, including transitions and social roles” (pg 65). The founders of the theory were Duvall and Hill they had saw that families were social groups that went through a developmental process. Family life cycle is what families go though in life. There are eight stages of the family life cycle which each stage requires the accomplishment of specific tasks by both parents and children. The stages look at a family patterned changes experienced by families as they move though their life course. There are many theorists that expanded on Duvall and Hill concepts but in my opinion I understand and like Duvall and Hills theory the best. Tasks is the concept that occur at particular points in developments in response to either physical maturation or cultural pressure or changes (p. 67). An individual in a family can develop new abilities, roles, or relationships with the help of their family. Accomplishing tasks can help an individual development in a positive or negative way depending how the task was handled. For example a newborn relies on his or her parents for their needs when the newborn moves into the toddle stage the parent role is to create an environment that is safe so that the toddle can explore. The family development change also as the toddle grows more. Symbolic Interaction Theory Terms and concepts for symbolic interaction theory. Symbols are products of social interaction (p 15). Anything can be thought of as a symbol. Symbols are used the way we seem them from interacting with others in the environment. Interaction and symbols go together. Interaction can be verbal or nonverbal. It is also a social behavior between two or more people during which some type of communication takes place causing each
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