Family Debate Essay

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The Family Decline Debate has been topic of deliberation for decades between scholars, sociologist, psychologist, and feminists. All agree that the structure of the family has changed significantly over the past hundred years or so but the question is; is the change good or is it for the worse. Changes that have occurred within family structure include higher divorce rates, more individual choice in mate selection, gender equality and lower birth rates. (Starbuck) Pessimistic observers argue that the family structure is in a great decline and has been for decades, if not hundreds of years. Historian, Christopher Lasch (Starbuck) believes that family structure has been in decline for a century because of the extensive increase of divorce in our society and how the woman’s role of the family has branched out outside the home and into the working world. With both parents working outside the home, some sociologist and other experts claim that it is not healthy for a child. It leaves children with out enough interaction and bonding with their parents resulting in a weak nuclear family. With divorce rate high, that leaves many single parent families. According to Bronfenbrenner in the Families in Context textbook, single parent families don’t have as close of a bond with their child as they would if there was two parents, with the lack of a strong parent child bond this can lead to a number of problems in the child’s developing life. Problems such as drug use, crime, depression, academic and socially can result, according to Bronfenbrenner, if the bond between parent and child is weak. Some experts say that the meaning of marriage has been weakened. People rush into committed marriages too hastily for their own reasoning but leading to divorce because they realize they made mistakes. Couples are living together before getting married, having children out of wedlock,
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