Family Communication Project Essay

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RUNNING TITLE: FAMILY COMMUNITY PROJECT 1 Family Community Project Kelli Way EARL 103: Society and The School Age Child August 10, 2012 RUNNING TITLE: FAMILY COMMUNTIY PROJECT 2 Graciela is a 13-year-old 7th grader. She moved to this country about a year and a half ago from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Her father came to the United States first looking for better job opportunities. He had been here approximately 6 months when he sent for the rest of his family. At that time Graciela moved here with mother, her sister Kerys (age twelve) and one of her two brothers, Gensys (age eleven).Her 3-year-old brother Javier stayed in Puerto Rico with his paternal grandparents. Graciela is pudgy, with shoulder length brown hair that she wears in a ponytail, and big brown eyes that appear very dark behind her glasses. Though she is not very communicative in English, she nevertheless projects a determined personality. Graciela’s father, who speaks some English, works in plumbing and her mother, who does not, is a babysitter. The family members speak Spanish when in the home. They live in a new 3-bedroom, 2 bath house with a medium size yard in the Ruskin area. One nearby neighbor is Puerto Rican, but most are Americans. Though Graciela would like to have a dog, right now the family has no pets. Graciela says her 11-year-old brother speaks English better than she does, but her 12-year-old sister not as well. The family regularly goes to a
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