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Having a family business can cause lots of arguing and fighting. The arguing in my family’s business hurts both the family and the business. Arguing can be very stressful for everyone who are even around the people that are fighting. Its really sad that when were fighting we don’t have the family life we wish to have. My family members always seem to be discouraged and withdrawn after a long day working with intermittent arguments. Time spent arguing and fighting is time you can’t spend on the business. I want the business to be successful, but with all of the arguing it makes that a lot harder to do. If there were less fighting I think the business would be better off. My family is always complaining that there isn’t enough time to finish what needs to be done. If they spent some time on figuring out how to come up with effective negotiation strategies, in the long run there would be less fighting and more work getting done. Fighting over issues in the business can put a strain on the family relationships at home. Everyone hates when there is an argument in the house (even the dog). If there is a fight between my mom, who is the owner and Joe her son, who is also an owner at work than there is guarantee to be an argument at home. The house can be a very uncomfortable place to be if my mom and brother are fighting. It causes there to be even more fights because everyone is in a bad mood. Fighting and arguing also isn’t good for your health because of stress. I would like for my family to be as happy and healthy as possible. I notice that the more my family fights the more upset and stressed out everyone is. The arguing just drains everything out of everyone and causes my whole family to be really discouraged and depressed all the time. If my family didn’t fight as much everyone would be a lot happier and healthier. Some people believe that you need to

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