Family Boundaries Essay

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FAMILY BOUNDARIES INTRODUCTION A family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. The Webster dictionary defines family as, “a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.” This is usually a nuclear family. In my culture when we talk of family we are talking about the whole clan. This is defined by the free dictionary online as “a group of persons of common ancestry.” Normally the immediate family consist of the father, mother and their children. Then it also included the extended family that is, uncles, aunties and the cousins, normally from the father’s side. In my family I grew up with a single parent because my father passed away when I was one month old. It never felt much of a single parent family because my uncles were there to take my fathers responsibilities in so many ways. They made all the decisions they had to be made. Where we were to farm, they helped us building our new house and doing some errands for us. When my sisters were getting married they were there for the process and also collection of the lobola. They were also there during funerals helping out as much as they can. They took my fathers place in decision making. In our culture all decisions are made by the elders especially man in the family. We were one big family. My mother was there to look after us seeing that we are well fed and clothed. She also contributed in some of the decisions though not much. We were all forced to go to the same church so they were no conflicts in terms of the religion. Us as children we just had to do what we were told to do without questioning it. They were rules that govern us when we were growing up. They were certain things that you can never do. Things like sleeping with a boy before marriage we were told it is a taboo. Stealing especially at home you will be bitten like a snake found in the

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