Family Bonding Essay

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Deadline of submission: 26 February, 2014 Please hand it in during the class on 26 February, if you cannot attend the class, please send it as an attachment via email to before the said date. Individual essay: Select one of the films shown in class to discuss about the family bonding in Japanese society. You may relate your discussion to three cardinal relationships: parent-child; siblings’ relationship and husband-wife. Family bonding, which is a combination and the relationship between the family members. It can also be said that the interaction between those family members. From the changes in history, we can see that the Japanese family bonding has a double feature. It means that on the one hand, Japan has influenced by the Confucian culture for thousands of years, therefore they have a relatively close relationship between the family members. Before the World War II and now the Japanese countryside, three generations of families is generally existed. On the other hand, Japan has also deeply influenced by the European culture. After the World War II, with the change of the Japan’s post-war reconstruction and the revolution of social system, a large number of European and American culture penetrated to the Japanese. The family concept of the Japanese, especially the metropolitan young people, the family concept of those young people has a tremendous change. The family structure has gradually changed from the traditional family which included several generations to the modern family which only included the parents and the child. This paper will discuss about the family bonding in Japanese society through the film “Tokyo Kazoku” and mainly focus on the two cardinal relationships which are parent-child and husband-wife. The film “Tokyo Kazoku” showing the parents thoughts after World War II and the parent-child relationship through the
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