My Family Strengths

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MY FAMILY: AN ANALYSIS Every family has its own qualities which make it unique among others. My own family is, in itself, distinct in terms of its own strengths and weaknesses. My family has been existing for almost 20 years. And from that long span of time, we have developed and imbibed beliefs, values and practices which, up to now, are evident in my own family. Every family has its own strengths which are the source of their ability to meet the demands and overcome the adversities intertwined with life. I believe that my family is not perfect, although it is something which I can really make proud of. It has imperfections and weaknesses yet these are overcome by its own strengths. First, my family is financially stable. My father and mother both have a source of sufficient income that enables us…show more content…
My family acknowledges that God is the source of all of these comforts. Hence, we do not forget to thank and praise him for his inherent benevolence. Fourth, my family practices cooperation within especially among us, children. We do household tasks together and each one is willing to do the assigned task to another in case the other fails to perform his task. Fifth, mutual respect is one of the greatest strengths of my family. We value each other very much and do not intrude with each other’s very personal businesses. Even though we are family, we still respect each other’s civil rights. Fifth, my family is resilient. In times of failure or hardships, we always tend to be happy and be positive. We are able to recover from failure easily. Sixth, my family is optimistic. Each one of us believes that success is possible and attainable. We strongly believe that each one will have a good future. We also tend to look at things and situations from a positive point of view. Seventh, my family possesses encouragement. Everybody backs up the other. My parents always feed us with the best encouraging words for us to work the hardest way. So as among us
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