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Michael Beightley J. Skibinski College Writing, English 111 September 27, 2010 One of the best days ever This is a paper about one day of my life that I feel not only changed my life but change my entire family’s life at the same time. It’s amazing how one event can alter someone’s life this much but if you know one thing about my family we don’t do small things its either big or go home. On January 31, 2005 my family was just a large family with eight children in it. We were your average family we fought, but there was never a time that if anyone of us needed something that we always had someone to go to. We always had Sunday family dinners, birthday parties together, holidays together, etc. My family is one of the perfect examples of the quote “You don’t have to be blood to be family”. Since my mom only has one sister and both of her parents passed away when she was really young she didn’t really have much when we were growing up. It’s always amazing to watch the amount of people who aren’t technically family be there for you more than your blood relatives. On Tuesday, February 1 2005 it started off as just a regular everyday Tuesday. I was in the eighth grade so just like every other day I woke up for classes at seven, went to school, did my work, had band practice and went home. I remember going home and my Uncle Paul was there making us tacos for dinner which was weird because he was never home that early from work. We kept asking where our mom was and he would just tell us that she was in the hospital. We didn’t really think much of it because my mom works in a hospital so we just figured she was at work. We were all really wondering why he was home so early and he just kept telling us to do our homework and dinner would be done soon, so naturally that’s what we did. After we had eaten and cleaned up the kitchen he then called all of us into

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