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The nuclear family means just the parents and children living together in one household. This is sometimes called the two-generation family because it contains only the two generations of parents and children. The extended family is a grouping existing of all kin. The classic extended family consists of several related nuclear families of family members who live in the same household, street or area and who see one another regularly. The modified extended family is one where related nuclear families, although they may be living far apart, maintain close relations made possible my modern communications, such as car travel, phone, letters or email. This is probably the most common type of family arrangement in Britain today. The beanpole family is a form of the extended family in a pattern which is long and thin, reflecting the fact that people are living longer but are having fewer children. The lone parent family is today largely a result of the rise in the divorce rate, although it may also arise from the death of a partner, the breakdown of cohabiting relationships, or a simple lack of desire to get married. Nine out of ten of these families are headed by women. The step family is where one or both partners have been married previously, and they bring with them the children of a previous marriage. It remains a popular impression that the most usual kind of family in contemporary Britain is the symmetrical family where both husbands and wives of cohabiting partners are likely to be wage earners and to share the housework and childcare. However, some argue that men still dominate in the family and make most of the decisions, and it therefore remains patriarchal. Monogamy is the only legal form of marriage allowed in Britain. In modern Britain, most of Western Europe and the United States there are high rates of divorce and remarriage, and some people keep marrying

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