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In this project e show the concept f auto braking system. In this system we use one sensor base technology. When vehicle move on the road and in the case of sudden braking sensor sense the obstruction and immediate offer a braking system. We attach this ABS system with any type of braking system.either hydrolic system or induction braking. In this concept we use one photosensor with infra red light. Infra red light transmit the signal in the air and if there is any obstruction then this light is reflected from the object to the photosensor and further circuit is on automatically. [pic] in the transmitter components we use infra red led as a transmitter and photodiode as a receiver. This photodiode is connected to the ic 555. ic 555 is a 8 pin monostable timer ic. Photodiode is connected to the pin no 2 directlly. When pin no 2 become more negative then ic 555 provide a output to the pin no 3. Pin no 4 and 8 is connected to the positive supply. For this purpose we use 5 volt regulated power supply for the ic. For the 5 volt regulated power supply we use ic 7805 regulator to provide a 5 volt regulation. Output of the ic 555 is connected to the H bridge circuit through 2 optocoupler components. Optocoupler is 4 pin ic with 2 pin on either side. In this optocoupler there is one input led and one photodiode in the other side. Optocoupler provide a isolation between the input and output circuit through the optical isolation circuit. Dc motor is control by the h bridge circuit. H bridge is combination of four transsitor circuit. In the H bridge two transistor’s are npn and two transistors are pnp transistor. With the help of this four transistor we control the direction of the dc motor automatically. LIST OF COMPONENTS Name of Equipment Quantity Printed Circuit Board 3 89S51 µC 1 Stepper

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