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Families and Households Assignment 3 Essay

  • Submitted by: MaDcOW97
  • on December 3, 2013
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Divorce has become much more common in today’s society. These reasons include secularization, the changes in the expectations of adulthood, changes in the economic state of women and the changes in laws that concern divorce, specifically the Divorce Reform Act.
  Firstly, one reason for changes in the divorce rate since 1969 is the change in how divorce is seen by society. 50 years ago divorce was considered to be a shameful and dishonorable decision, as you had failed to find a suitable partner and settle down with them. However since then, it has become somewhat of a normal thing in society (although still being a form of personal misfortune). The reason for this shift in social norms and values is due to new laws being introduced, and distinctive changes to existing laws. The major change was with the introduction of the Divorce Reform Act. This act was established in 1969, and allowed the termination of a marriage to become easier and less disgraceful for women and men alike. The act mainly targeted two areas where divorce would be acceptable; the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage, and evidence of adultery, separation and/or poor behavior which became the sole grounds for divorce.

  Another reason for the changes in the divorce rate since 1969 could be secularization. Secularization means the decline of the importance or influence of religion in a society. Due to science becoming more influential in a modern society, religion is no longer seen as an important concern that certain norms and values should alter for. As marriage is mainly perceived as a religious concept, this may lead to it being seen as insignificant in society and many might not perceive it as valuable anymore. Divorce could be the result of this, as the decline of the worth of marriage might lead some to believe it is not a long term act.
  A third reason for changes in the divorce rate since 1969 is the changes in women’s expectations surrounding marriage. This is because...

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