False Muscle Building Persuasive Speech

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Vince DelMonte’s NO-NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING Hello and Welcome! Thank you for trusting me and purchasing my e-book NoNonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain. I debated until the wee hours of the morning (right now it’s 2:30 a.m. and if you know me then this won’t surprise you - I get my best Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain No Nonsense Muscle Building Introduction Preface IMPORTANT This program is a step-by-step program that involves gradual but consistent progression to the point of lifting very heavy weights. Proper warm-up is mandatory before every workout to ensure that you protect your tendons, ligaments, and joints from injury. Although exercise is beneficial and this program has been…show more content…
It’s like saying, “I can’t afford it.” This should be considered a deadly statement because it forces your brain to stop working and reinforces a false perception of your true abilities. Instead you should say, “How can I afford it?” By constantly saying, “How can I afford it” or “I can afford it,” you will reinforce a new perception of yourself - you will no longer think of yourself as poor, but as a rich person. If you examine these two statements, you will see that “How can I afford it?” opens your mind to examining the possibilities of accumulating wealth. “I can’t afford it,” on the other hand, closes your mind to any possibility of attaining what you desire. Let’s make this example practical now. By simply being aware of the words you use, you can self-detect your self-perceptions. By changing your words, you can begin to change your self-perceptions - if you choose. So by simply reminding yourself to say, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘HARD GAINER’” you will be able to bring out the muscular person inside of you. By saying, “I am a hard gainer” you are reinforcing the small and weak person who was already there. Do you truly think that you can casually or unintentionally become ripped and muscular? NO WAY! Do you really think deep down that if you believe you are a hard gainer and a muscular physique is out of your limits, that you will ever achieve any SIGNIFICANT RESULTS? Of course not! I’m not talking about 3 or 5 pounds of muscle a year. I’m talking…show more content…
This analogy works in reverse as well. every time you reinforce a bad habit, a new string binds tighter around your hands and it will become harder and will require more time to remove all the strings tying your hands together. 2) a negative habit can be broken by replacing it with a new, more desirable habit. Rather than simply deciding to stop eating junk food, replace this behavior with a better one, such as deciding what groceries you will shop for. Instead of saying you will start eating every 3-4 hours, plan a time on Sunday where you will cook all your meals in advance. Instead of saying you will train more intensely, hire a Personal Trainer or find a workout partner. Instead of saying you will wake up earlier, go to bed earlier. 3) change your environment. This might be common sense but it requires some hard decisions. When I had to prepare for a Fitness Model competition, I had to eliminate a huge component of my social life, which included turning down invitations to the local bar and poker nights with the boys. I knew I was weak (at the time) to resist certain foods and drinks that would be present and impede my progress. Did I get kidded by my buddies? Sure did. Did they understand? Probably not. Was it worth it? You bet! one of the most powerful methods to breaking a bad habit is to place yourself in an environment that encourages the ‘building’ of a new good habit. Instead, I spent time with my

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