False Consciousness in the Film the Corporation

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Jillanna Furgason False Consciousness in the film The Corporation The corporation is a dominant institution, as once was the church, the nazis, etc. This dominant institution creates products, jobs, money, objects that create the image of the perfect life when these products are brought into it. We have created an institution ran by rich white males disconnected to the real world in which the majority lives, they are working for their own benefit, they are working for the benefit of their own world in which we (the proletariat) are unimportant. As a society, we have followed along these men's plans to expand and create as much revenue as they can. We have given them power and given in to their marketing techniques, now we just “have to have” whatever they say we do. Our own creation has overpowered us, so much that we believe that what is in their interest is in our best interest as well. They narrow our views of what they have to offer, we do not question what these products are or what the corporations were capable of doing in order to produce these products. Corporations are “people” under the law and as such they aim to build trust between themselves and their audience or customers. Marketing and advertising is the act that puts this together for them, it is the vail they put on our society while they do what pleases them and fills their pockets behind closed doors. This is the false consciousness they have created in our minds. During the film The Corporation, we go through the Personality Diagnostic Checklist from the World Health Organization icd-10. If we look at all the personality aspects of a corporation and the moral direction of their values and decisions, according to the checklist a corporation is a Psychopath. They have no moral consciousness, no concern for the feelings of others, they only care about one thing: how to make as much money
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