False Confessions Pros And Cons

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“False Confessions … The Unfortunate Truth” “False Confessions … The Unfortunate Truth” Rick Riso Interviewing & Interrogation / Topic Paper Argosy University – Los Angeles Professor David Campbell November 2010 In today’s criminal justice system, even though legislation exists which attempts to minimize things like unjustified arrests, unwarranted prosecution and even wrongful convictions, there is cumulative evidence of false confessions which continue to present troublesome legal issues. Not only is there presently no official way to monitor the increased frequency of what some have referred to as “police-induced” false confessions, but an apparent disregard for this growing problem as well as the corresponding increase in wrongful convictions which have occurred as a result. The substantial loss to individuals as well as to society as a result of these false confessions has yet to be calculated but it…show more content…
These individuals were incarcerated due to improper interrogation techniques and/or the admission of their guilt as a result of coerced confessions, leading ultimately to their wrongful convictions. Even in a post-Miranda age, there remains a growing host of individuals who have been arrested and convicted essentially based upon their interrogator-induced “I did it,” statement as suspects, when no other physical and/or other credible evidence suggested their true guilt. (Leo, Ofshe,
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