False Beauty Is Just a Trend Essay

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False beauty is just a trend In some dramatic ways, modern society changed our idea of real beauty. Back in the day, things were much simpler. Big size women were considered to be beautiful but nowadays, boney girls are considered to be one. Think about our future kids. Everything is getting worse and worse. How much more for the next few years? Don’t you want to change the world we live in? Our society makes women feel uncomfortable about themselves because they don’t meet our expectations. Wake up! Stop fantasizing girls with false beauty and look for someone who deserve to get praised, woman with natural body. Beauty comes from within. A perfect woman has to have a little hint of imperfection. Hollywood plays a huge roll in how we see ourselves. While I was on a blogging site called Tumblr, I came upon a picture comparing Victoria Secret’s “Love my body” campaign versus Dove’s “Real beauty” campaign. I was fairly moved by this because in Victoria Secret’s campaign, I saw nothing but “perfect” girls. It didn’t really do anything but make young people intimidated. Just like their regular model, skinny and fit, long straight hair, flawless white skin, that’s their definition of real beauty. Their models talked about how much they love their body and what they love about a man’s body. What else do they have to say? Obviously, they love how they barely have any body fat. On the other hand, Dove’s campaign had regular girls with different sizes, shapes and races. The reason for this is for us, women, to boost our self esteem and change our views on a woman’s size, shape and skin.(Apposition) Next, think about The Kardashians. Starting with their mother, Kris Jenner who looks like in young 40’s but in reality, she’s 10 years older than that. Same goes to her daughters. They all got their boob job when they were teenagers, probably when they

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