False Advertisement Essay

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David Ibezim May 25, 2012 English 1 FALSE ADVERTISING Have you bought something that you regret buying because you are not enjoying what you had seen in its commercial? If so then you are a victim of a false advertising. How do you know a product is being falsely advertised? A product is falsely advertised if there are wrong, exaggerated promises, less discloser of a material fact, and if the product is too good to be true. These three topics can violate the Federal Trade Commission rules because they are misleading. People believe the promises that advertisements present to them. It might be promises of good things that might come out of the product. These advertisements promised the consumers that their product will give them absolute satisfaction, make them happy, and look good, sexy or powerful. An example is when Matt Spaccarelli sued cellular giant AT&T for slowing down the “unlimited” data plan on his iphone. AT&T has referred to itself as the “fastest” network, so why would it slow down after it has issued 17 million Smartphone accounts with unlimited data plan. “The wireless carrier, which stopped offering all-you-can-use data plans in 2010, earlier this year put the brakes on users who consume more than 3 gigabytes per month--roughly the amount of data required to download two full-length movies to a cell phone.” “When something is unlimited it’s got to be unlimited” AT&T failed to satisfy the consumer Matt Spaccareli, so he wasn’t happy. Less discloser of a product becomes false advertising according to the online dictionary.com it sates that it is considered false advertising under the Lanham Act if a representation is “untrue as a result of the failure to disclose a material fact.” So false advertising might come from

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