Falling Grades Essay

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Research Paper Professor Behr. 11-6-2012 “Falling Grades” Many students, of all ages, around the world, have a significant problem. This one problem, of falling behind in school work, can negatively affect each individual’s future. And like a riddle, it should be dissected by asking questions in order to solve it: What are the causes of the students falling behind? How can it affect our futures? What measures can be taken to solve this problem? Riddles always have clues to find the answers. For example, there are many assumptions that are said to be the cause of students falling behind in school. It could be a lack of motivation, procrastination, or the blame could be placed on a student’s parents, teachers, and peers. The point is that the solutions do exist. For years, grading scales have been altered, and research projects have been performed, making, keeping up in school attainable if it is desired. The problems struggling students have in their academics is, what is expected of them has changed. There are multiple reasons why students fail in the area of studying. Our country is expecting less from out of our high school students, so they change percentages to create less work, therefore creating lazier students. In the classroom there is the basic process of being given the information and memorizing it all for a test. It is not good practice if a student approaches their work in that way. They should be able to dissect the information and evaluate, without feeling lethargic about it. "The basic evidence is that instructors give higher grades, students work less and also students give them higher ratings," says Babcock (Findlay.) This is making students lazy and they do not work as hard as they. Then they come to an assumption; they come to believe that since it is easy to get a good grade, then students do not have to work on anything, such as, take
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