Falling Essay

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sirens blaring, that's all I can hear as I slowly open my eyes, bemused and dazed. I hear the whimpers of someone that is concerned and close. it's my mother caressing me, holding me near, asking if I'm okay. well of course I'm okay, mom. why wouldn't I be? I then realized I am laying on the deck in my backyard. I look up and see the sun staring back at me. Not a single cloud in the sky. the loud sirens noise has stopped. I cringe when i sit up; i have a splitting headache. "What happened?" I ask my mom. With a sweet kiss on the forehead, she says honey, "You fell out of the window and you were unconscious." I looked down at my arms, I see scratches as if I were attacked by an angry cat. I don't feel unusual pain though. What a miracle that I did not break any bones. She rushes me up and asks how I feel. I reassure her that I feel okay. Changing the subject, I ask, "Mom, why am I in my bathing suit?" My mother seems very distracted and I too become quiet and anxious. My mom ignored my question and helped me walk to the front of the house where I saw a big red truck and police surrounding the area. As a seven year old, the machines and tools in the truck scared me. this was a nightmare. the strangers were checking me to make sure nothing serious. I was having flashbacks. I couldn't remember falling out of the window. I remember playing with my little brother in the living room building a fort. I remember jump on the top of the couch and leaning backwards. I reckon I went unconscious after I hit the screen. I just picture my self falling, falling, falling. I arrive at the hospital and I come back to reality. I am checked into a room and the doctor sticks a huge long sharp thing into my arm! "Ah! what is this?!" I then see my breakfast in front of me all over again. at least my headache is gone. it is a miracle that I did not break any bones. I was

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