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Clinton Riley Fallen Kings A life of a king can be a long one or a short one. Their lifetime depends on their ability and characteristics. Most kings are not out there fighting for their lands, but really just observing the war trying to make the next move. The characteristics of a king will make or break a king during his reign. This is why Priam in The Iliad by Homer is a better king than Aegeus in the play Medea by Euripides. Priam is a great ruler. He is a ruler that will only attack if needed too. He loves all of his kids. Since he has such a great love for his children he tends to be a pushover to his son Paris. Paris is very selfish in showing his love for Helen, that he is willing to have forces fight for her. Priam being the great father that he is offers to back Paris’ decision to fight for Helen, even though this puts the city of Troy in danger. King Aegeus also is a great and powerful ruler. He shows many good characteristics in his short time played in Medea by Euripides. One of his characteristics is that he shows he cares for Medea, this is shown in this quote,” What has he done? Tell me about it in clearer words”(p.705). Priam in The Iliad by Homer is only a king, he is no fighter. With that being said he is at constant worry about his son Hector. Hector is Troy’s security; he is Troy’s hope of survival against the Greeks. Priam knows Hector would not live if he faces Achilles in a battle. This is shown as Priam says “Hector, my boy, you can’t face Achilles… Then some grief might pass from my heart.”(p.174). King Aegeus is very friendly and openly accepts Medea to come to his land. He invites her to his land knowing she has been exiled from where she lives now. He swears to never exile Medea if, she comes to his land. Aegeus says to Medea, “For many reasons, woman, I…For I do not wish to incur blame from my friends.”(p.705). He says that if he

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