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Jamal Jennings Anita Leverich English 102 March 25, 2013 Who’s To Judge? Censorship determines what a stigma is and a taboo in society is. People hate the idea of censorship, because people see censorship as ignorant and selfish. Censorship can also prevent the flow of ideas and a lot of people associate censorship with dictatorship, but there are some cases when censorship is justified for example highly sensitive military information would be a case when censorship is needed another case is when it is used to protect our children you don’t want a five year old looking a porn. Censorship is amoral it’s neither good nor bad, but depends how its use. The when censorship is based on a personal opinion and not based on facts that is when it becomes a problem. These essay show how people use censorship that isn’t support by any actual fact Pornography is a huge industry with a gross revenue of 97.06 billion dollars worldwide. Nearly everybody has watched porn, but it is also a taboo in society probably because many people have sexual preference that would come off as strange. Porn is also controversial a lot of people have been known to be addicted to porn, also some people say porn sets unreal expectation in sex. Another argument is porn is objectifying women Susan Brown miller a feminist also a journalist and an author is one of those people who thinks that Brown miller anti-porn essay “Let Put Pornography Back In the Closet” is a persuasive essay about how porn is degrading women and abusing the first amendment. Brownmiller is begging the question on how porn is degrading women, and by poisoning the well about pornography In the Introduction she talks about how free speech has been abused in our democracy. She than goes on the battle to protect unpopular ideas, but she goes into her point about porn abusing the first amendment by quoting Justice Warren

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