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“Your goal should be to recognize fallacies for what they are—the dirty tricks of those who want to gain an advantage. Fallacies are therefore stratagems for gaining influence, advantage, and power (over the sheep of society)” (Fallacies 18). Fallacy is a great strategy for making an argument. When you are having a debate with someone, using fallacy is the way to help you win; and when you are writing a paper, using it is also the way to help you make you statement more persuasive. The Glass Castle, is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls, that recounts the unconventional, and poverty growth experience her had with her siblings’ while being brought up by her parents. In the book, Walls has employed many logical fallacies, and I will just focus analysis on the starting sections. She writes a good introduction, and puts it into a whole unforgettable and intriguing story through using fallacies cleverly. At the beginning of the book, Walls introduced her mother to the readers by saying that she has seen a woman on the street. Her mother, Rose Mary Walls, is a woman broken by her dream of being an artist, and finally decided to become a homeless person. When Walls sees her mother walking on the street and rooting through a Dumpster, she feels ashamed. She wants to help her mom with her life, but her mom tells her that this is the life she likes. “‘You want to help me change my life? I’m fine. You’re the one who needs help. Your values are all confused' ” (Walls 5). This is a good example of “Dirty Trick #1: Accuse Your Opponent of Doing What He is Accusing you of” (Fallacies 19). This dirty trick means that you point out your opponents’ wrong and try to use their mistakes to protect your own views. This is just like what Walls’ mom does. She accuses her daughter of having “confused” values once again after

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