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Fall Prevention Essay

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Abdominal Pain – Many Causes and Sypmtoms
In “What’s causing That Gut Pain.” Maureen Movius, calls to attention the predicament that can be faced when a patient presents with abdominal pain.   Movius states that “part of the problem is determining whether the pain and associated signs of distress are evidence of a gastrointestinal disorder or secondary to an MI or other, non-GI condition”(Movius, 2006).   Abdominal pain has many causes, signs and symptoms.   This fact along with the issue that abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek medical attention is not discussed in our assigned reading. In The Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing, the authors, include all the teachings of how to perform and abdominal assessment. Yet they forget to lay the foundation that is absolutely necessary for any nurse to make a correct diagnosis.   While both Movius and Binder aim to assist the nurse with abdominal assessments, it is only Movius who provides the nurse with the tools necessary to “cutting through the confusion, clearing the path towards accurate diagnosis and treatment plan”(Movius, 2006).   Movius’ article alludes to the different signs and symptoms as well as lets the nurse know of the frequency of patients who present with abdominal pain.
The nurse is the first person that a patient encounters, so they must be made aware that it is difficult to establish the cause of the abdominal pain because of the diversity of the signs and symptoms.   The pain can be either acute, non acute, typical or atypical.   An example of this would be the pain of appendicitis.   Sometimes this pain is located in the right upper abdomen and the pain of diverticulitis is located on right side.   Older patients or patients who are taking corticosteroids will experience little or no pain when there is an infection.   It is important to note that whilst abdominal pain is defined as pain in the abdominal area, occasionally you will find that pain felt in the abdomen isn’t...

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