Fall Out In Love Essay

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Love is a necessity in life. Love is so amazing that no one can lives without it. Moreover, it is not necessary applies to people only! But, still, some seem to be suffered from the effect of love. Seriously, what is their problem!? Love is a knife, as they said, though! Anyway, because of this heart-piercing word, there are several ways to fall out of love. First step, hate what you love! How you suppose to hate when you love him/her? Well, just hate them, what else you can do! Anyway, you can try to keep your distance from the loved one. If it is between individual, distance can build ignorance between them. If it is between something else, just ignore that something. Soon enough, you will ‘lost contact’ and hello new world! A new world without him/her or whatever is involved. But memories eventually prevent you from succeeding. Along the way, I can say you will collapse. Human hearts are so fragile! All you can do is to be strong and hopefully you will be welcome in the new world. Other than that, keep yourself busy with things that are not related with your loved one. Stop spacing out about him/her and fill up your leisure time! Get into sports, get a part-time job, hang out with some other friends or whatever necessary to make you forget and busy. By being busy, your mind will be kept away from loving what you want to forget. Your mind will drift away and you will physically beat down due to exhaustion. This is a big help as you gain new friends along the way and throw away the torn-out love. Finally, use the mind power to imagine that there is nothing special in your loved one. When you are in love, everything looks good but if you want to fall out, I guess you better starts wandering somewhere else, mentally I mean. Of course nothing changes in the real life but at least something turns your mind around. Moreover, be sure your mind and action

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