Fall of Venice

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Political Challenges Incapable Leadership (Point) A political challenge that Venice had faced is its incapable leadership. (Example) An example of incapable leadership is the incapable leaders leading the navy. During the wars with the Ottoman Empire, scholars Nicolo da Canal and Atonia Griman competed to serve in the navy even though they had little navy or military experience. (Explanation) As a result, Venice suffered heavy losses in battles, draining precious resources such as man power and financial resources needed for trade, thus resulting the downfall of Venice’s economy and leading to Venice’s downfall. Corruption in the Government (Point) A political challenge that Venice had faced is its corruption in the government. (Example) An example of corruption in the government is that the Venetian Government suspended the salaries of civil servants to finance wars, resulting in some nobles being poor. Poorer nobles sold their votes to richer nobles who wanted to be elected to government. (Explanation) This resulted in incompetent men gaining important leadership posts, which meant that Venice began to have inefficient governments with leaders who were concerned with only their own interests and not Venice, and hence made decisions which were for their own and not Venice. This lead to Venice’s downfall as the policies made were not suitable for the country’s needs. Over-dependence on Mercenaries (Point) A political challenge that Venice faced is the over-dependence on mercenaries. (Example) An example of the over-dependence on mercenaries was that the paid mercenaries were not loyal to venice and as the mercenaries often switched sides depending on the state that paid them the most money. French Mercenaries also plotted to kill the council of ten in 1619 and made Venice doubt their mercenaries. (Explanation) When war broke out mercenaries had left
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