Fall of the Western Roman Empire

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Fall of the Western Roman Empire The Western Roman Empire existed between late 7th century B.C. and early 6th century A.D. It was considered for a period of time to be the most advanced technology empires of its time, until a certain point when thing started spiraling downhill. The fall of the Western Roman Empire was due to three important reasons; the development of Christianity, the abundance of slaves, and Germanic/barbarian invasions. One of the main reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire was the development of Christianity. The clergy preached about patience, and the virtues of the society were discouraged. Another highly preached idea was about how a large portion of public and private wealth should be concentrated more to the demands of charity and devotion to God (Document 2). What this did was instead of people paying money to the government, most are donating money to churches and different charities. This decreased the income of money going into the government which was used for military and other government worthy things. The result of that led to higher taxation on citizens which made the people of Rome upset and ended up having less money to buy necessities and other things to keep the economy rolling. Another important reason was the abundance of slaves in Rome. The large quantity of slaves help lead to the growth of latifundia which is large land estates, consisting mostly of slaves for farming. This ruined the farmers of Rome which in result, they drifted to cities that helped add more unemployment to the cities. With farmers moving to the cities and the abundance of slaves, this helped keep wages low (Document 3). That caused many citizens to become poor and have less money to buy materials to help business owners make money and pay tax to the government. Lastly, Germanic/barbarian invasions are another cause of the fall of Rome. The
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