Fall of Rome Essay

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The Decline and Fall of Rome The decline and fall of Rome has been discussed, yet never has there been one answer. It took many years and was a long slow process involving many variables that contributed it to its decline and eventual fall. The empire was enormous with its borders so vast that stretched out across regions that were underdeveloped and under populated, which, undoubtedly, created an economic burden, a strain on military resources, and a social plight among its countrymen. Also within this, Rome began to have trouble with the Germanic tribes, a change with spiritual thinking, political and military problems, and other economic considerations. There are lessons to be learned when contemplating the historical events, especially for other countries like the United States. As one considers the factors, there are similarities that can be seen with the attitudes and actions of the American society of today. This paper will reflect on these viewpoints and variables. It will show the similarities of the United States and how it can easily head down the same path as the Roman Empire. Rome began its troubles as far back as the Pax Romana. These signs were an indication of what was to come. The Empire was in a time of peace and security, but it also had defects that created internal unrest and economic problems. As one problem arose, another soon followed creating a spiral effect which kept going down. The peace that Rome had cherished backfired when the privileged upper classes became lazy, as Perry et al. puts it, “basked in luxury, leisure, and culture” (p. 158). Rome had to provide free or cheap grain in order to feed the poor. When this happened, farmers stopped growing and moved into the cities which created more poor citizens. The social policy at the time produced no economic growth as the nobles considered it beneath them to engage in business

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