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Bryce Sims 2/21/14 Mrs. Nicholson What were the primary reasons for the Fall of Rome? Rome was arguably one of the greatest empires to ever exist. They were the founding fathers of many cities, created Latin and the Alphabet. At one point in time the Roman Empire was the superpower of the Mediterranean world. The empire was wealthy and the territory was growing rapidly. The empire was prospering, but it slowly started to deteriorate. Political stability, invasions and natural causes were all key roles in the downfall leading the great empire to an end after a long run. The government in Rome was very inconsistent by not having a stable supply of Emperor’s. Emperor’s whose rule didn’t last very long, most ending their ruling in one to two years. Such as Hostilian, Aemilianus, Quintillus, Florianus (Document A). The government looked very weak to outsiders since they couldn’t sustain rules and regulations. Taxes were very bad and laws were unfair (Document E). A wealthy man who broke the law was not punished, but a poor man who broke the law had to face a penalty ( Document E). In order to get justice one had to pay. Which led to a big part of citizens not being able to get their problems heard. Simply because they were poor. These types of laws were ruining Rome. Rome got invaded by outsiders several times. Such as Goths, Huns and Vandals (Document C). The Roman soldiers weren’t very skillful because they didn’t want to participate in ground drills (Document B). Since there was no practicing once soldiers put their armor on it seemed very heavy. They asked the emperor to not require the use of their breastplates and helmets. And the Emperor upheld their request. The Roman soldiers went into battle with the Goths with no armor (Document B). Goth archers had no problem standing from a distance and taking out Roman soldiers from the chest up. With the

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