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The fall of the Roman Empire impacted ancient society and the world significantly. The collapse of this great empire marked the end of sophisticated Roman art, architecture, engineering, and culture. Although there are many claims as to why Rome fell, such as religion, lead poisoning, and corruption, there is one main reason why this great empire ended. The Roman Empire collapsed because of inflation and the decline of Roman economy, which paved the way for more misfortunes to befall Rome. Rome was a flourishing empire, and the upper class had many luxuries, including vast quantities of food and water. But all of this was not free, and soon enough, Rome’s income was not enough to supply all of these indulgences. Juvenal, a successful Roman satirist, once criticized Rome for being decadent and depraved. One example of the decadence and depravity of Rome is the massive dinners they would have on a regular basis. These were no ordinary three-course meals, however. The dinners would consist of up to fourteen-courses, and whenever a Roman would be filled, he would make his way to a vomitorium, purge the consumed food, and return to eat again. Rome’s decadence had begun the decline of their own economy, and soon more economic struggles would arise. The Pax Romana was a 200 year era of peace, but that was not exclusively a good thing. These 200 years of peace meant legionnaires were not fighting, and therefore they were fulfilling their other duties which included building aqueducts, roads, and fortifications. All of these structures required funding, but that was difficult because there were no wars or battles, so the Romans were not able to conquer land and pillage for money. The great empire’s economy was falling apart, and the demand for more coins led to severe inflation. Many emperors, including Nero, debased the currency of the Roman coin to supply for the

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