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Global History Fall Of Rome Essay Rome was a highly developed civilization that fell apart over the course of many years. There were many economic and military issues that led to this fall. The date that is given for the fall of Rome is usually around the time 476 AD, but an entire empire cant just fall apart over night. Rome was an empire with great size, strength but could not hold up under all of its trials. Rome’s large size made it very vulnerable. There would have to be many troops around the empire in order to keep it protected. “The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness [large size].” (doc 2). The military was weak from the immense amount of Germanic invasions [attacks]. (doc 6). The soldiers lacked a lot of discipline and training. The soldiers consisted of many slaves and foreigners who did not care much for the Roman Empire. Eventually, the Roman army was composed entirely Germans. (doc 5). Since there was such a lack of loyalty and training, the soldiers were weak. This contributed to the fall of Rome because the size left many holes in Rome that the army could not protect. The Germanic invasions eventually penetrated the forces of the weak army. Rome’s militaristic problems largely affected the economy. The army was so weak that the Romans had to pay extremely high taxes. Some have said that the high takes were strangling them. (doc 4). They also had to pay taxes for the failing bureaucracy. While Rome was still expanding, the economy continued to grow, but when the empire stopped growing, the economy began to fall. (doc 3). There were so many slaves, that they began to take over agriculture. Farmers were losing their jobs to slaves. With no money, they fled to the city streets of Rome. (doc 3). After the major reliance on slaves, the poor farmers began to

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