Fall of Roman Empire

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The decline of the Roman empire can be elaborated to a couple of categories. One being the antagonism between senate and the emperor. The Roman Emperor had the legal power to rule Rome’s religious, civil and military affairs with the Senate acting as an advisory body. The emperor had power over life and death (FRANKFORTER 180). The powerful, spoilt, wealthy Roman Emperors inevitably became corrupt and many lived a debauched, deluded and immoral lifestyle. Another contribution could entail about Roman’s “lack there of” resources that barely made it suitable for living. This encounters not only civil wars, plagues, but mostly crop failures to the brink of collapse (FRANKFORTER 180). One of the other major causes of the Roman empire can be established by political corruption and the praetorian guard (TWT 13).The power of the Praetorian Guard, the elite soldiers who made up the bodyguard of the emperor, led to political corruption and grew to such an extent that this massive group of soldiers decided on whether an emperor should be disposed of and who should become the new emperor (TWT 13). Like most stubborn or one track minded group of individuals, the Roman’s had yet another flaw which seemed to break in the end. Overall it was their failing economy and high inflation threatening the government by bankruptcy due to the cost of defending the Empire (TWT 13), the failing economics, heavy taxation and high inflation was another Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire. The majority of the inhabitants of the Roman Empire failed to share in the incredible prosperity of Rome. The amount of gold sent to the orient to pay for luxury goods led to a shortage of gold to make Roman coins. Roman currency was devalued to such an extent that a system of bartering returned to one of the greatest civilizations the world had ever known. Not to seem unoriginal but when

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