Faking Adhd Essay

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Faking ADHD Are you feeling unfocused in school? That’s how a lot of college students feel or at least say that they feel. Young adults in college have been faking ADHD to obtain the prescribed medicine Adderall. Others who haven’t gone through that process have been simply buying the pills from the people who have obtained it. These students feel they need a mental edge to help them study and take tests and these pills allow for that. The truth is, it is actually easy to fake ADHD which makes many students without the problem, try and get it prescribed from their doctor. This is a problem that needs to be stopped. ADHD is a chronic condition that includes difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. People with ADHD also struggle with low self-esteem and poor performance in school and can show signs of the problem through adulthood. A lot of parents want their kids labeled as having the disorder so that they can ace their tests and gain entry into the country’s best high schools and universities. Although numbers are hard to pin down, according to educational consultant Dana Haddad, Principal of New York Admissions, “There is definitely an uptick in students who are being given a full-scale neurological work up at the request of their parents, as opposed to the schools.” In the end, ADHD fakers look like every other college applicant only with higher scores and grades. (ADHD fakers) Faking the test that diagnoses ADHD is easy, shows a recent study by Prof. David Berry at the University of Kentucky. His group of fakers was reviewed on the ADHD Rating Scale which was developed by Barkley and Murphy and on the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scale. The people giving the test could not distinguish between the fakers, who had spent five minutes on google learning what signs to display in order to trick assessors, and the real ADHD group.

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