Fake ID: Novel Analysis

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The book Fake ID is the first book of the Hunted series written by Walter Sorrells. It is a story with impressive and brilliant plot. Chastity, the main character, lives a life that is pretty mysterious, not only to others but also to her. She struggles to solve the mystery while being intimidated by people who really want to kill her. Fake ID is about a sixteen-year-old girl with the name Chastity Pureheart, which is not even her real name. She doesn’t know her real name or why her mom keeps a packed suitcase by the front door of every house they move into. They’ve been on run since Chastity, or Chass, was a baby, creating fake identities in every town. Then her mother suddenly disappears on the night of her birthday, leaving her car, blood that matches her DNA and a purse with six ID cards. Chass begins to unknot the mystery involving a mysterious tape, a deceased popular singer and secrets of few people in Alabama town. The insighting incident in the novel was when Chass plays guitar in front of her mom who thinks music is bad luck and hates it. That has caused Chass’s mother to feel some sort of betrayal and leave the house, if Chass has not played the guitar that night, her mother would have never left the house and not comeback. Conflict in the book is between the main character and another character. Precisely, it’s between Chass and Kyle Van Epps who has been chasing after Chass and her mom for a long time. The story reaches the climax when Kyle Van Epps holds Chass’s mother as hostage and threats Chass to bring the tape. “I was terrified. But at the same time I knew that if I let Van Epps know how scared I was, Mom and I were dead.” (p.289) That is when Chass is feeling anxious and at the same time worried about her mother but has to pretend to be calm. This story happens in a small Alabama town, United States in modern day. “We’d been driving for like
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