Fake Father Letter

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Im writing this as an email because its very difficult to talk to you about this in person. I absolutely hate asking you for money with a passion, but sometimes it is really necessary..i know you give me money per month and this does cover my petrol, but most nights you are out for supper and in some situations there is no food in the house and i don’t get an opportunity to ask you to get food for the house because we miss each other so often- and therefore i have to get takeaways and this eats away at my allowance if you excuse the pun.. And all these small things on my car that need topping up or replacing i use my allowance, because I’m scared to ask you for money and also hate asking .You may think i spend that money on jolling but per month i spend no more than r200 on going out. Now I’m really motivated to start paddling properly again, but having to ask for money to register was absolutely horrible because you gave me such a bad vibe when i asked..Do you not want me to paddle again?..And I’ll have to cycle there and back tomorrow because my car literally has no petrol as it spilled all over the road yesterday and spent my last money buying a new filter and throwing my last r20 in to get me home. Never mind i can’t attend lectures for the rest of the week. Now i know i can get a job and not have to ask for money, but i have been enquiring at places and all the jobs that suit my timetable are either not available or are delivery jobs-which is cool, but i don’t trust the reliability of my car and would be very embarrassing if it did break down mid pizza delivery. Lastly, please can you sort Brians out asap. Its been almost a week and they are really tight this time of year and Holdfast is a cash account as i remember, feeling really bad telling them next day next day next day and so on... Please take your time in reading this and think about what im
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