Fake Energy and the Mind

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Fake Energy and the Mind “Artificial energy usage for you is quite good for one, especially a student.” Anita Mann, college student (Mann). How often do you have to cram hard all night after work just to get up early and take a hard test? You’re tired and will most likely do poorly on the test, regardless of your studying. As students, we know that we need extra energy and an artificial booster may be the way to do it. They say that artificial energy boosters can be good and bad for the body; I say they are good. Artificial energy boosters may include drinks like Red Bull, shots like 5 Hour Energy, and pills such as Stresstabs (Griffin 22). All may include over the top amounts of vitamins and natural substances that will make your body run better. Some of these can be more effective than others. Also, flavor can be a factor in how well these may work. Although, some have addicting and unhealthy substances, when used properly the good far outweighs the bad. After thorough research I have come to conclude that artificial energy boosters can be useful and even necessary for the college student. This essay reviews some of the basic beneficial uses for artificial energy. Energy drinks, shots, and pills are on occasion nutritious and contain the vitamins that the body needs. Red Bull and Your Body by Brian Griffin states, “The excessive amounts of vitamins such as B6, B12, and potassium can be healthy for the body when used properly (Griffin 21).” The energy pills and shots more often than the drinks have up to 5 times the amount of B6, B12, and other vitamins associated with natural energy in the body. In Energy Aficionado Magazine an article by Eric Cartman discusses just that. Cartman writes, “Having just one shot, pill, or drink can add focus, and put you in a better mood among increasing energy (Cartman 23).” A college student’s schedule, being so full, the

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