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Faith Healing Essay

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  • on October 19, 2008
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Parents Should be Convicted for Using Faith Healing

Five Points in Support of Argument
A young girl by the name of Anneliese was believed to be possessed, she died of malnutrition and dehydration even though medical professors said she had epilepsy and could have been saved had she had medical help.
In 1968 Anneliese started have symptoms that parents and the patient decided was due to a demonic possession. She refused to eat any thing in order to take out the demons, she died of dehydration and malnutrition. Two priest who performing exorcisms on her were convicted of murder

Sometimes the act of believing in something can cause a placebo affect but does not totally cure a person.
When a person believes that he or she has found a cure the brain will at times undergo a placebo affect that makes the patient feel better this is seen in medical test many times but sooner or later fails.

If patients later decide to seek medical help there care maybe more expensive.
In later stages of an illness such as cancer, patients might change there mind on the steps taken to cure themselves and may turn to medical help. At this time it may be harder to cure the patient and he or she may still later die. This could have all been prevented had loved one had looked for medical attention a long time before.

Statistics show that faith healing can not replace real medical attention.
Many studies have shown that children have died because of a preventable illness. Also the life expectancy of people who practice faith healing has been seen to be shorter that usual.

It is possible to pray for a miracle while still getting medical attention.
Many families pray and bring pastors and other religious officers to patients and it has not been a problem.

Seven Points Against Argument
The constitution gives people the right to practice their religion.
Some religions forbid medical care.
Many medical insurance...

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